Saturday, 6 March 2010

Design a Tropical iPhone Advertisement.

The Apple iPhone was one of the revolutionary devices of the new millennium. Apple’s overall brand recovery and rebuilding process has been stunning, charging back onto the market after losing significant market share to Microsoft, IBM and other technology giants during the 1990’s. Part of the reason for Apple’s success has been excellent advertising and branding.

In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to design a tropical underwater iPhone advertisement, complete with clownfish, starfish, and bubbles. You’ll now learn how to isolate a variety of stock images, using custom brushes, extraction methods, and image manipulations. You’ll also see how to visually compose an image for maximum effect.

Hopefully you enjoy the tutorial, and please, leave feedback so we can provide tutorials that you want to see.

Tools used:

* Photoshop
* Stock Images

Step 1: Document Setup and Background

To start off this tutorial we will start by creating a new Photoshop document; If you have Photoshop open already you can press ‘CTRL N’ on the keyboard to do this. We will set our document at 2000*3000 with the settings I have below. If your system is a tad slow you can obviously change the resolution to something that would work better for you. However you will want to keep it in the same height and width ratio.

Now that we have our document set up we can go ahead and start on the background. To start off we will change the white background layer to a darker color, black will work fine but you can play with it and choose a dark blue or violet if you want. So once you have your color selected we will press ‘G’ on the keyboard to bring up our fill tool and fill this layer. Once the layer has been filled we can head over to Sxc to grab a nice stock image which will become our background. The stock image we will use is a underwater shot with some fish swimming around, it can be view tutorial.


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