Saturday, 8 May 2010

Underwater Dance Effects

In this tutorial we'll learn to combine different photos, correct the colors, create drifting distorts, move off the unnecessary objects of the pictures, change the coiffure of the model, represent the hand out of the bubbles, use different textures, create the effect of a motioning object and smooth out little the picture.

For the beginning we have to open in a new window the picture representing the sand on it: File - Open (ctrl+o), I like this one:

Now we should copy this layer to make possible working with it (move it on the icon new Layer on the Layers window). The previous layer must be deleted (by moving it on the icon Delete Layer on the Layers window also). Now we should mark out a part of the picture, representing the stone and the sky (Rectangular Marquee Tool) and erase it. We should enlarge a little the picture in its highness, selecting the Crop Tool. view tutorials


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